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Healthier Blueberry Muffins

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Healthier Blueberry Muffins

Healthier Blueberry Muffins

Frozen Bluebs

Frozen Bluebs

I took the day off from work today and am spending the day with Mini griff who is on spring break. Fortuantely for me, he LOVES to bake! Mostly, I think he just loves to eat batter, but I’ll take what I can get! So, this morning I figured it was the perfect opportunity to make some blueberry muffins… our blueberry bush hasn’t actually started growing any fruit yet, so I had to use frozen bluebs.



Preheat oven to 350 F.

Batter Licker

Batter Licker


2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup of sugar

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 cup of milk

1 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsp coconut oil

2 1/3 cups of rinsed frozen blueberries


You can sub any milk, really. Mini Griff is allergic to nuts and soy, so we used regular milk.

Have two bowls ready… combine the dry ingredients in the first bowl. Combine the wet ingredients in the second, leaving out the blueberries. Add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix. Add the blueberries last so they don’t get all smushed.

I used muffin liners, but you can grease the muffin tin just the same. Cook for 20-25 minutes. Cool for at least 5 minutes. Consume.

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I'll have another...

I’ll have another…




Momma wants some cake.

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So who has the best roommate ever?!

ME. That’s who.

My birthday was this week and she was awesome enough to buy me some vegan cake from a bakery here in town. And OMG was it amazing. Word’s can not describe the flavor  explosion in my mouth. Here’s some pics:


Chocolote & Kahlua and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Crunch


Sweet Life Patisserie


I turned 21 again!!

So it was delish, and my birthday was so much fun and she and I are taking a trip to that bakery so I can stock up on goodies!

How to feed a Veg.

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Many people think of vegan like they are space cadets and often wonder how they survive on a daily basis on kale and carrots.  It’s hard to believe that there are options at nearly every restaurant, you just need to get creative, and remember that not everyone eats like you.

Lets start with some definitions:

  • Pescetarian: Someone who doesn’t eat meat but eats fish or seafood.


    We eat more than lettuce!

  • Flexitarian: A hip and trendy word for what some people call a semi-vegetarian. Someone who isn’t a vegetarian but eats several vegetarian meals a week and might be selective about what types of meat she does eat (such as organic chicken only) and how often.
  • Vegetarian: Someone who doesn’t eat any meat, including poultry, game, fish, and seafood, or any meat by-products, such as broth, gravy, or fat, or foods cooked with meat. A vegetarian may or may not eat other animals products like eggs or dairy (ovo-vegetarians do eat eggs, lacto-vegetarians still eat dairy products, and ovo-lacto vegetarians eats both eggs and dairy).
  • Vegan: A strict vegetarian (see above) who doesn’t eat anything that comes from an animal—no meat, dairy products, eggs, honey or other animal by-products.

See  there are a range of options that are based on individuals comfort-ability with the situation.  Knowing the basics will help you to understand, here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts:

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO be honest. Please don’t try to sneak meat, broth, or seafood into a vegetarian‘s food – that’s just rude and a bit selfish. If you put bacon in the broccoli salad, chicken broth in the risotto, or lard in the pie crust, tell your guests.
  • DO invite them. I would have invited you, but I didn’t think you’d…feel comfortable, eat anything I served, enjoy yourself, etc. Even a serious lack of veggie-friendly food isn’t going to stop the fun if the people and atmosphere are warm and inviting.
  • DON’T apologize. You eat meat. Some people don’t. You don’t have to apologize for eating meat in front of a vegetarian.
  • DON’T make a big deal about it. Vegetarians have various reasons for not eating meat, but some of those reasons might not be ideal dinner table or cocktail party discussions. Perhaps save the discussion for another time.
  • DON’T be afraid to ask questions. Ask what foods your guest eats and likes. Perhaps you’ll find a new family favorite or elevate a vegetable from side dish to entrée status.
  • DO ask your guest to bring a dish. Most vegetarians have experience cooking for themselves. Let them bring food to share, if they wish. Many will do it without being asked.
  • DON’T be offended if he brings food. Many vegetarians don’t want to complicate your duties as host. They will often bring something they know they can eat and share with others, so don’t take it personally.
  • DO cook enough food. Make sure there is enough of the vegetarian dish for everyone to try (because they will) and for the vegetarians to take seconds.

The last is soooo important.  I only cook vegan dishes when I am bringing something with me and everyone ends up loving it!  I wait till after they’ve all scarfed it down to reveal my big secret.  I think it helps remove the stigma that it’s all tasteless food.

One great idea idea if you are having a party is to set the food out on a bar – let people create the meal they want with the ingredients they enjoy!  Just because you’re having a burritos, doesn’t mean you have to leave out your vegetable loving friends!  Tortillas, beans, sauteed veggies can be used just the same – and keep in mind that there are PLENTY of vegan substitutes – for even ground beef, chicken, and don’t forget the sour cream and veggie cheese!

Or how ’bout a pizza party, or yummy [wheat] pasta…  Just always keep in mind that you should have enough utensils on hand to accommodate all dishes.

More Ideas for Those who Have a Vegetarian at Home

  • Learn where meat hides. Sometimes meat sneaks in to foods that you wouldn’t suspect. Some common foods that contain meat or seafood: Caesar dressing (anchovies), Thai curry and many Asian dishes (fish sauce), and canned “vegetable” soups (beef or chicken broth).
  • Salads are great. Serve a large green salad before or with the meal, which ensures a healthful option for all. With a couple of hard-boiled eggs or a handful of nuts, that salad can be elevated to a vegetarian entrée.
  • Where’s the beef? Try to offer a balanced meal. Vegetarians sometimes have to be creative to get adequate protein, calcium, and nutrients. Help them out by serving a balanced meal where plant-based proteins (chickpeas, black beans, or lentils) fill in the place where meat might have been. This boosts the protein content, filling power, and helps round out a meal. Beans and legumes are a cheap and easy way to add vegetarian-friendly foods to a meal. Open, rinse, heat, and eat.

The lesson – don’t be intimidated when it comes to feeding us, we generally eat the sames things you do, just with a little more creativity.

Meat Loving Vegan = more of a Meat Loving Vegetarian

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Okay okay – I took a hiatus from the blog.

It’s a lot of responsibility keeping up with a blog, you know.  I can barely keep up with reading all of the ones I have in my reader, let alone post regularly…  BUT, I am going to try really, really hard.

As for the bet, I technically won.  Shmitty and JP both gave in under different circumstances, and have since resumed living normal lives with normal diets.  I’d also like to point out no money has exchanged hands (!!), looks like I got cheated…  oh well.  I did lose like 6 lbs, that counts for something, right…

Now, I haven’t exactly kept up with religiously being vegan.  Cheese got the best of me.  But, I have managed to stay vegetarian.  And it’s good.  I don’t miss meat all that much, and if I do, I won’t deprive myself the craving, but it has yet to have happened.

So, I am going to start posting recipes again, and useful information.  The name of the blog may be a little deceiving now, but I’ll try to keep it as vegan as possible, I’ll at least try to add vegan substitutes.

I recently made cranberry pecan shortbread cookies from The Innocent Primate Vegan Blog and was quite satisfied with the results.  I gave them as a gift, and from what I understand, they were enjoyed!

I am going to work on finding slow-cooker recipes, because I bought one as a Christmas present to myself.  I love the idea of coming home from work to a delicious smelling hot meal that I slave over just long enough to put all the ingredients in a pot  :]

So, check back soon – I promise I’ll start posting stuff!

Feed the mind.

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So, I have some interesting information for you guys tonight, so put your thinking caps on!

First off, I want to say that my boyfriend rocks!  Sorry, I have to gush.  I really wanted to go to this little festival in town today because I heard there was going to be some B.A. [BadAss] vegan macaroni and cheese.  I love mac and cheese.  But anyway…I couldn’t make it, so he ran by and picked up a bowl so it’d be waiting for me when I got home.  ❤  Lastly, I’ll add that is was Soul Vegetarian, and you should check to see if there is one in your area.

Now – onward to education!  I was surfing through some forums to learn good substitutes for various items, and found the most interesting information when it came to butter.  An in depth threaded discussion included questions of Kosher food and their relations to veganism.

To sum it up, food with the term: Pareve or Parve Refers to “neutral” – a status of Kosher food which is not considered either meat, poultry, or dairy, and is prepared on or with “neutral” equipment. Lamen’s terms: Jews cannot eat meat and dairy together, therefore, foods with the word ‘Parve’ on them contain neither so they can be used with either.  When I read this I found it to be an interesting little trivia tidbit.  But then, later that day, I tried my new butter: Earth Balance, which pleasantly surprised me as being absolutely delectable, and then I noticed the tiny little P word listed on the lid!  Maybe I find this far more interesting than others, but I thought it was worth blogging.

Another substitute suggested for butter was canola oil, in baking.  I can’t say that I tried this, but it made sense due to it’s lack of flavor, so I decided to stash it away in my memory because I LOVE to bake.  Then, surprisingly enough, the boyfriend mentioned that he was contemplating what canola oil was made of, which made me go a little cross-eyed, and admit I didn’t know.  Later, at the grocery store, I decided to check out a bottle of canola oil, which pictured an indecernable flower on the label and the ingredients of: canola oil.  Coming home and revealing my discovery, or lack there of, to the boyfriend, we were both slightly unsettled and still completely clueless.  From there we turned to The Google.  You’ll be astounded by what we found:

THIS ARTICLE gave some pretty compelling evidence that Canola Oil was contrived by the demonic Canadian government to mass produce a poisonous plant into common household oil because it was cheap due to the fact that insects won’t eat it because they will die.  It is derived of the Rape Seed which has relation to the mustard seed, and that alone makes it easy to connect the dots.

After sitting in awe, thinking that I could no longer trust the FDA I decided I needed to do a little more research and revealed this.  So, as I understand it, yes it does come from Rape Seed, but it is important to understand that it isn’t poisonous to us.  It is also considered the healthiest of oils, as per the Canola Oil website.

So, from here, I found it necessary to research cooking oils and decided which ones really are the healthiest and what not.  I admit though, in my kitchen, we go through olive oil by the gallon…

THIS GRAPH is very informative, and THIS ARTICLE lists what Rebecca Abma believes to be to Top 10 Best Oils.  In short:

1. Walnut Oil
2. Flaxseed Oil
3. Canola Oil
4. Olive Oil
5. Peanut Oil
6. Almond Oil
7. Avocado Oil
8. Safflower Oil
9. Sunflower Oil
10. Corn Oil

You should check the sites, read the article and make your own decision.  It’s just important to remember that everything in the grocery store isn’t always what you expect it to be…