This is me.



“My name is Elizabeth and my vegan lifestyle began as a friendly bet among friends.  I am learning what kind of dedication this requires and learning new recipes and self-control along the way.  Even though the month of veganism is over, I am still learning new, healthy alternatives to eating the foods I love.  I am maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle and cooking vegan when I can bear to give up cheese.  I am using this as a platform to post yummy recipes and interesting tidbits that I learn along the way.  Feel free to pass any tips back my way!”


3 Responses to “This is me.”

  1. Interesting. You have your own blog?!??!? What???? And vegan???!?!

    Amazing. Kudo’s for pulling something off I don’t think I could do…

  2. I stumbled across your blog on MockDock… Check out my blog (evocativevogue.blogspot) I try to post veggie recipes there frequently… although I’ve been bad recently.

  3. You are clever and beautiful lady… keep up the good work.
    Never mind the assholes.
    I am 37, and have been veg for 16 years… its gets better all the time 🙂
    All the best!

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