Meat Loving Vegan = more of a Meat Loving Vegetarian

Okay okay – I took a hiatus from the blog.

It’s a lot of responsibility keeping up with a blog, you know.  I can barely keep up with reading all of the ones I have in my reader, let alone post regularly…  BUT, I am going to try really, really hard.

As for the bet, I technically won.  Shmitty and JP both gave in under different circumstances, and have since resumed living normal lives with normal diets.  I’d also like to point out no money has exchanged hands (!!), looks like I got cheated…  oh well.  I did lose like 6 lbs, that counts for something, right…

Now, I haven’t exactly kept up with religiously being vegan.  Cheese got the best of me.  But, I have managed to stay vegetarian.  And it’s good.  I don’t miss meat all that much, and if I do, I won’t deprive myself the craving, but it has yet to have happened.

So, I am going to start posting recipes again, and useful information.  The name of the blog may be a little deceiving now, but I’ll try to keep it as vegan as possible, I’ll at least try to add vegan substitutes.

I recently made cranberry pecan shortbread cookies from The Innocent Primate Vegan Blog and was quite satisfied with the results.  I gave them as a gift, and from what I understand, they were enjoyed!

I am going to work on finding slow-cooker recipes, because I bought one as a Christmas present to myself.  I love the idea of coming home from work to a delicious smelling hot meal that I slave over just long enough to put all the ingredients in a pot  :]

So, check back soon – I promise I’ll start posting stuff!


4 Responses to “Meat Loving Vegan = more of a Meat Loving Vegetarian”

  1. You know, when I first became vegetarian I told myself the same thing – I didn’t miss meat and if I did have a craving that i wouldn’t deny myself… well, 5+ years later I haven’t had a craving and I don’t anticipate one coming on any time soon. And on the same note, don’t punish yourself if you do have a slip. Just make sure the slip doesn’t become a regular thing and you still call yourself a vegetarian (a minor pet peeve of mine when someone who eats meat call themselves veggie, or worse “mostly veggie”)..but I digress. Vegetarianism is a good way to transition, as opposed to the overnight conversion (which I don’t even think I could’ve done…cheese was the last thing to go for me – it was a mean bitch to let go of) 🙂

    Glad you liked the cookies, and those you gifted them to!

  2. Hey, you may know me from the mockdock! I love your blog, and as a vegetarian its super cool to see someone transitioning to that life style (if only temporarily). I also crave meat at times, but its gotten to the point where I just could not bring myself to eat it. I have to give you props for being vegan for a while, thats something I haven’t been able to do for much more than a week. Although we do get organic milk, and cage free organic eggs.

  3. GOD. Im feeling guilt. I Ate a chocolate buiscuit.. and i’m vegan =[
    i didn’t enjoy it at all. Don’t know what came over me.. Maybe it was a calling to show me I really don’t enjoy those things anymore.. ?

  4. I wish I could say that I don’t enjoy those things, but I’d be lying! And to be perfectly honest, Sara, I do miss meat still ;] BUT – I’m not giving in. Even though I miss it, I don’t miss it THAT much. And, I decided that I give myself a once a month meat-treat.

    What’s funny is that I’ve been doing this since, I guess last October now, and my boyfriend still fails to remember, pretty much daily. He offers meat to me all the time, but I am holding out for the good stuff that I go an entire month craving… He probably has such a hard time with it because I used to be quite the meat-eating advocate. But, I really love learning news things, and am enjoying my life just fine this way – after all, one meal only lasts, maybe, 2 hours – tops! I’ve got a lifetime of everything else…

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