The Cupcake Staredown.



Last night I was attending a meeting and someone did the unthinkable!  She brought Halloween cupcakes for all to enjoy!  Everyone around me was enjoying the little savories, and I went as far as to ask her if she made them and whether there was egg in them.  Alas, I held strong and just eye’d the sugar filled yum-yums from across the room…

On a happier note, this morning while I was scavenging the kitchen for work snacks, I looked at the Lender’s Bagel’s bag and was elated to find that they contained NO animal by-products!!!  WOOT.  Not all is lost, I can still enjoy bagels.

I am going to lunch with a friend today, probably sushi, so, I need to some research on imitation crab  ;]  And at least I won’t be going after all the yummy chocolate candy this Halloween, and fortunately alcohol is sans animal by-products!  I’d be screwed if that were the case…

btw – Shmitty set up her own blog to throw in her two-cents on the situation!


2 Responses to “The Cupcake Staredown.”

  1. Oh man, I feel your pain…I hate going to parties, gatherings, etc where everyone is enjoying delicious-looking treats and I’m left holding the bag. So now, no matter where I go..I’m always packing – treats that is. Usually I’ll take a chocolate bar since they are the easiest in transport, but I’ve been known to take a cupcake or brownie to various functions. I also tell myself that I don’t need those calories, and my temporary moment of pleasure isn’t worth the pain and suffering that goes into making those little treats…anything that’ll make me not covet the treat. I’ve even got non-vegan friends making vegan treats for things just so i can enjoy them too..and I don’t have to BYOT (bring my own treat) 🙂

    Happy Halloween!!

  2. victoria Says:


    I want to use this picture (no CUPCAKES!) for a fictional pie shop business plan i’m doing for school. Where did you get it? Is it public domain? Can I use it?


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